Western mind, Eastern soul

From specialized, intuitive healing to yoga and reiki to patient advocacy, I bring unique passion and expertise to my practice. How can I help you?

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Healing can resonate on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Together we release blockages, shift old patterns and elevate your vibration to illuminate the path to your highest self.

Specifically tailored to you, I combine healing modalities such as traditional Usui Reiki and Angelic Reiki, Conscious Healing, intuitive crystal healing and oracle card readings.

In-person at my studio in Madison Park, WA or inquire about sessions in the privacy of your own home (travel fees apply).

  • Initial visit – $150 (plan for 90 minutes together)
  • 60 minutes – $100
  • 30 minutes – $55
  • Additional time can be added in 15 min increments of $25
  • Packages of 3 x 60 min sessions – $250

Remote “Distance” Healing

Reiki has the ability to heal over time and space – it is not necessary to be physically present with the practitioner for healing to take place. We can work together over the phone or video conference (Skype/Facetime).

  • 60 minutes – $100
  • 30 minutes – $55
  • 15 minutes – $35

Custom Yoga Sessions

Perfect for yourself or small group, I design each class around your needs. I have led specialized yoga classes in: restorative, hatha, or my special blend “Yinki” (combining yin yoga and reiki).

Please contact me for more details and pricing.

Reiki Training Programs

I train students in traditional Usui Reiki, a hands-on Japanese system of healing

  • Reiki First Degree (Level 1) – $225 group/$500 private
  • Reiki Second Degree (Level 2) – $275 group/$500 private
  • Reiki Master Apprenticeship and Attunement (Level 3/Master) – $500

Please contact me for more details and pricing.

Patient Advocacy

Navigating the medical system can be a difficult journey, especially with a chronic or long-term issue. I can help you or your loved one, so you don’t have to go on this journey alone. As both a PhD-trained medical scientist and a former patient, I hold space for patients to make decisions and support them through this difficult process.

Please contact me for more details and pricing.